Storage Solutions

Your data. The lifeblood of your business. Imagine all of your data… gone. Would your business survive? Don’t let your business suffer the crushing blow of data loss. Our storage solutions ensure the integrity of your data. No one else offers the level of safety for your data that an Open Systems storage solution does. We care deeply about data. So much so that we offer free remote monitoring of your storage server.

We monitor your drives 24x7x365 for errors, imminent and actual drive failures. Any failure of a disk drive and we will call you immediately to notify you of the failure and allow you to decide how to proceed before your data is permanently lost. In addition to the free monitoring that comes with every storage server, we also offer a monthly fee based support contract that builds on the free monitoring service and allows you to have labor free replacement of your failed drives and annual software upgrades + security updates.

Document Management 

Reliable storage allows you to sleep soundly at night. But how do you find, organize, tag and manage all your documents and files? Simple, document management. Combine that with the reliable storage engineering underneath and you have one of the most intuitive, easy to use, as well as highly scalable and secure document management platforms available. If you need reliable, easy document management, let us help you!

Encrypted Offsite Cloud Based Backups 

To truly ensure your valuable data is safe and well protected we strongly recommend to clients to take advantage of our encrypted offsite cloud based storage service, Tarsnap. Created by Dr. Colin Percival who studied mathematics at Simon Fraser University, entering at age 13, before going on to a doctorate in Computing at Oxford University, where his thesis covered problems in string matching, data compression, and file synchronization. Tarsnap is a very affordable backup service for your storage servers that encrypts all your data before sending it across the network to the cloud servers. Safe, secure, cheap, offsite storage of your data should be part of your storage strategy to mitigate natural disasters such as fires, flooding, or complete hardware failure.

OS Virtualization  

Deploy services, test environments, and applications in a secure and highly scalable way, using every ounce of I/O, CPU, and network bandwidth available in your Open Systems server. Our secure, lightweight virtualization technology allows you to control your resources in an easy and scalable way. It works in conjunction with our filesystem for incredibly easy and rapid cloning of environments. Automated snapshots allow you to roll any or all of your VMs back to a specific point in time. Don’t dread user error mistakes that cost you lost data or valuable configuration time. Simply rollback to a previous snapshot of the VM before the incident occurred.

Database Solutions 

Databases. Everyone needs them, no one wants to pay for them. Pricing for the industry leaders borders on lunacy. License compliance? It is an absolute nightmare. We partner with the worlds best RDBMS available today and offer it to you no strings attached.  No licenses. No outrageous fees. No per-cpu limits or “seats”. Your database is your database. Do with it as you see fit, not a vendor.


Support has become synonymous with faceless corporations that simply don’t care, long wait times, impossible to reach human beings, outrageous costs and very lengthy amounts of time to resolve your problems. To us this is simply unacceptable. Support is very important to us. We can be anywhere in the KC metro area within an hour if the issue can’t be resolved remotely. Try getting that level of service from the top 5 vendors. We offer support by the hour. Purchases as much or as little as you need. Are you a larger organization that needs an SLA? Contact us!

BSD Unix Consulting 

With over 20 years of experience with the mother of all Unix, we know BSD. Our solutions demand the best technology and engineering and that means BSD. From NAS and Storage arrays to firewalls and source code repositories and everything in between we have the solution for you. We stand behind our products and services 100%, with local support and SLA’s.

IT Security 

IT security. Everyone is focused on external threats. Hackers, nation states, lone wolf actors on the digital stage. The question most do not ask is, who is watching the authorized users, employees, and (sub)contractors?


The FBI has long said financial crime happens with insider help. It’s our belief some of the costliest IP theft, destruction or damage to data, and theft of trade secrets is also committed from the inside or with insider help. With everyone focused on the outside, how do you handle the threat from within?


We have proudly partnered with an amazing company, Wheel Systems, to introduce several key products to monitor authorized internal employees and (sub)contractors, to maintain internal security, and automate responses to incidents before they become incidents.

We don’t partner with many companies. The key reasons being most of the products out there do not meet our standards and do not add REAL value. They may have lots of bells and whistles but do they really add value? Or save you money? Most don’t. Wheel Systems without a doubt meets our high standards. They are innovating unique solutions to the problems of authentication and monitoring of threats from internal authorized users. We believe too many people are focused on the barbarians at the gate while the employees walk off with or destroy your data. Your network security has a glaring blind spot internally, let us help you see and secure the whole picture.

Introducing FUDO - Privileged session management.

FUDO PSM is a remote privileged access session monitoring and recording solution. Using Wheel FUDO PSM allows for  the highest possible level of IT infrastructure security. Wheel FUDO PSM monitoring system can be used to monitor and record internal employee sessions, as well as external contractors or business partners.

Introducing Wheel LYNX SSL Inspector, LYNX enables transparent SSL/TLS traffic decryption for further analysis by DLP/IDS/IPS systems.


The appliance works in transparent bridge mode intercepting selected network traffic. SSL sessions pass through Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector transparently so the client software thinks it connects directly to the target server as it uses the original address of the target host. The decrypted network traffic is forwarded to the dedicated DLS/IDS/IPS device for evaluation. Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector encrypts data again and sends it over to the target server. The DLP/IDS/IPS systems can order Lynx to terminate the connection. Unencrypted traffic, which can also pass through Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector, is forwarded to the IDS/IPS without being modified.


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